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Welcome to Dj64bit's Home page

Welcome To dj64bit's(Spencer) Home Page Hope You Enjoy The Music I made.  Thanks For Visiting My Site.

August 17th (2006) - i have been working on the dvd/box set and am almost done,
i performed live at band camp, and i update the news more so visit it more now if you want the news and stuff like that. if you want to subscribe to the newsletter

July 24th (2006) - dvd "Enjoy Your Summer" will be out soon 
visit  'redsquareddufflebag news' for more details

June 27th (2006)- Remixes of unfinished business will be out soon

June 20th (2006)- Unfinished Business Released Today.

June 5th (2006)
NEW cd will be availible for download in a week or two. plus live performance soon. represent yo hood.
February + March (2006)
Now i make raps. Stuff happened and alot of people in my school found out about my stuff.
Before (2003-2005)
I was making techno (with bad quality)

Subject - news
Text - 'green'

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